International Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research

Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021

  • Prevalence, Stage and Sociodemographic Pattern of Breast Cancer in a Tertiary Health Institution, South West Nigeria

    Ndidi Okunnuga, Adetokunbo Okunnuga, Salewa Osho, Patrick Olanrewaju Osho, Omolayo Olubosede

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 109-114
    Received: 5 May 2021
    Accepted: 24 May 2021
    Published: 9 July 2021
    Abstract: Background: Breast cancer is the commonest cancer found amongst women in Nigeria. It is a major cause of cancer mortality. The prevalence and presentation of breast cancer varies with the Socio-demographic pattern. The stage at presentation also determines the outcome. The burden of Breast cancer is high among women of all age groups in Nigeria. Th... Show More
  • Solitary Fibrous Tumor Low Rectum Simulating Cancer

    Rajaonarivony Tianarivelo, Mosa Fasoa, Andrianarijon Heritiana Nandrianina, Rakotomena Solonirina Davidà, Rahantasoa Finaritra Casimir Fleur Prudence, Rakoto Ratsimba Hery Nirina

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 115-117
    Received: 29 March 2021
    Accepted: 21 April 2021
    Published: 13 July 2021
    Abstract: Introduction: The solitary fibrous tumor is a benign mesenchymal tumor of rare extra-pleural location. We report a case of solitary fibrous tumor observed in the lower rectum simulating cancer. The objective was to discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic management of the solitary fibrous in Madagascar. Observation: This is a sixty-five-year-old man... Show More
  • Male Sexual Disorders of Patients with Cancer in Medical Oncology Service in University Hospital of Brazzaville

    Judith Nsondé Malanda, Roland Banga-Mouss, Chellet Bilquis Bambi, Aubierge Victoire Kimpamboudi Matondo, Inès Frédérique Nsondé Mondzié, Bab Salam Ngouaka, Siméon Stéphane Moubié

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 118-124
    Received: 8 July 2021
    Accepted: 16 July 2021
    Published: 23 July 2021
    Abstract: Considered as taboo, sexual difficulties and couple intimacy remain rarely tackled by patients and again less by the oncologist practicians. It might seem that faced with the vital stake of disease, this kind of worries seem to be frivolous, indeed shameful to be tackled. The current study had an objective to assess the impacts of cancer on male se... Show More
  • Multimodal Therapy for Patients with High-Grade, High-Risk Prostate Cancer with Long-Term Follow-up

    Jason Robert Gee, John André Libertino

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 125-129
    Received: 5 July 2021
    Accepted: 19 July 2021
    Published: 24 July 2021
    Abstract: High risk prostate cancer requires a multimodal approach to treatment. Surgery has played an increasing role for these patients although long-term follow-up and experience with neoadjuvant therapy, a basic tenet of cancer treatment, remains limited. Here we report our experience with neoadjuvant hormonal ablation followed by surgery and postoperati... Show More
  • Histopathologic Regression and Survival in RAS Wildtype Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Under First-Line Treatment – Subgroup Analysis of the VOLFI Trial (AIO-KRK-0109)

    Stefanie Noepel-Duennebacke, Henrik Juette, Celine Lugnier, Dominik Paul Modest, Uwe Martens, Renate Klaassen-Mielke, Volker Heinemann, Thomas Seufferlein, Michael Geissler, Andrea Tannapfel, Anke Reinacher-Schick, Iris Tischoff

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 130-135
    Received: 24 June 2021
    Accepted: 12 July 2021
    Published: 27 July 2021
    Abstract: Aim: The VOLFI trial demonstrated an improved objective response rate through the addition of panitumumab to FOLFOXIRI in untreated all-RAS-wildtype mCRCs compared to FOLFOXIRI alone. In this subgroup analysis, we focused on histopathological response as a predictive marker for PFS. Additionally, we analyzed chemotherapy induced steatosis hepatitis... Show More
  • Accuracy of Multiplanar MR Images in Determination of Actual Tumour Size in Comparison to the Pelvic Examination of Carcinoma Cervix

    Husnaion Zubery, Mahbuba Shirin, Falguni Binte Rahman, Biswajit Bhowmik, Mohammad Ibrahim, Zakia Sultana

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 136-140
    Received: 7 July 2021
    Accepted: 24 July 2021
    Published: 2 August 2021
    Abstract: Accurate staging of patients with cervical carcinoma is crucial for appropriate management planning and tumor size has consistently been a key component & major determinant when deciding management plan in especially with early-stages as it dictates whether a patient is a candidate for conservative surgery, radical hysterectomy or chemoradiation. T... Show More
  • Malignant Psoas Syndrome Demonstrated by PET/CT in the Context of Metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Michael Jerome McKay, Aaron Chindewere, Laura Wise, Fraser Brown, Kim Louise Taubman, Timothy Michael McKay

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 141-144
    Received: 26 July 2021
    Accepted: 4 August 2021
    Published: 18 August 2021
    Abstract: The significant cancer pain syndrome of malignant psoas syndrome (MPS), was first reported as a neurooncologic occurrence in 1990. The Syndrome is characterised by malignant infiltration of a psoas muscle, either directly or by involvement with haematogenously disseminated metastatic cancer. Direct involvement has been from primary tumours of the p... Show More